繁體字訂購單 简体字订购单
Form A-1 (EXCEL-xlsx): A list of all products from MZHY such as: textbook series and other teaching materials and crafts.
Form A-2 (EXCEL-xlsx): The list only includes textbook sets. This short form is for those who wants to order textbook sets only.

1. How to order
1) Pay by check:
(a) Fill out the order form and print it out.
(b) Please make the check payable to MZHY Editors Group.
(c) Please mail the check with the order form to: MZHY, 18822 Pinto Lane, Sant Ana, CA92705
2) Pay by Credit card:
(a) Fill out the order form and email it to : services@mzchinese.org.
(b) Pay online via PayPal (paypal.com.) : (1) Send money to “services@mzchinese .org. (2) Indicate the name of the organization or person, the name must be the same as on the form. (3) Credit card payments are limited to domestic (U.S.) bank accounts and credit cards, as payments from foreign accounts require a higher processing fee.

. Matters needing attentions:
1) Please complete the entire form in detail.
2) Do not use PO Box as the mailing address, otherwise the textbook will be returned.
3) If the purchaser is an individual rather than an institution, please fill in “individual”.
4) PayPal charges a 3.5 % handling fee for online payment.
5) The order will be mailed by USPS Priority Mail or UPS on every Monday (except on holidays). The orders received by Friday will be shipped out on next Monday.
6) The receipt is packed with the shipment. Please keep the receipt for your records.
7) Terms of refund: (a). Books or teaching materials will not be returned if used. (b), Unused books or teaching materials must be returned within 30 days after date of delivery. (c). The postage and PayPal handling fees (3%) are not refundable.

Dear customer, you are important to us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email: services@mzChinese.org or by phone: 714-628-1899. Thank you!